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Who believes an old storyteller? Who Indeed?

The art of storytelling aims to give confidence to children, teenagers or adults to read and explore their own imaginations.

From the street around the
fantastical worlds filled with dragons and knights. Tales filled with intrigue, horror and suspense. Welcome to a world without boundaries where anything can happen. Welcome to the world of the storyteller. 


Peter J Parker takes his audience on a magical journey with his original stories that enthral, entertain and engage, thrilling audiences of all ages.

Peter takes his audience into another parallel universe, a world with a thousand possibilities and an infinite number of opportunities whilst exploring their own emotions.


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See Panryl the wizard tell the tale of the woodman and the monkey's paw

Meet Panryl's pet dragons: Greenfyre

Meet Panryl's pet dragons: Pendragon


Stories can stay with the individual for ever, helping youngsters to relate with and help to understand the world around them, creating an unforgettable, magical experience.   

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