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If you ask an adult to name their greatest fear, most would say it is standing up in front of an audience and speaking.

By introducing storytelling at an early age, children can then be encouraged by their own class teacher to create and tell their own stories, even in front of the class. This can substantially reduce the fear felt when speaking in public in later life and can lead to increased confidence as their personality develops.

Stories have been passed throughout time from person to person for many generations and only in more recent times have the words actually been written down. Stories do not have to be word perfect, remember its telling a story, not reciting a script like an actor. Sometimes a story map with pictures can help children tell their own story.

How many times have you heard people say “Well the film wasn’t as good as the book” It never can be, because your own imagination has no physical, practical or financial constraints, whereas film directors do!
Your own imagination can transcend countries, barriers, and time.

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