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Storytelling For Adults
In times gone by, long before television and music hall theatres, taverns used to be buzzing about the arrival of experienced travelling storytellers (landlords used to offer copious amounts of ale and free accommodation as payment) for several evenings of live enjoyment provided to their customers. The storytellers would walk, ride or sneak a free ride on a passing cart, whilst travelling from town to town. The taverns would be crowded with eager customers, happy to be captivated and spellbound by the many tales enthusiastically regaled by the storyteller.
Costumed Storyteller Peter J Parker has years of experience telling stories to audiences of all ages, from School Children to those in Elderly Care homes.
Peter in his guise as the Grim Reaper sits on his magnificent silver throne, whilst enthralling totally adult audiences with his scariest, ghost and supernatural stories, from times long ago.
The best atmosphere is achieved in pubs and restaurants after the sun has set. The room lit only by candlelight with his audience having plentiful supplies of wine or clutching foaming pints of ale. The Storyteller transports them via weaving intriguing tales, to the very ‘GATES OF HELL’ or maybe just a different time or place. Timings can be arranged to allow pre-programmed breaks for customers to recharge their glasses, or fitted in between food courses.
The Myths, Legends and Stories he imparts, all are each between 10 – 15 minutes in duration, some he has written himself and other have been handed down through the generations.